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Because single mothers must not only take care of their children all day, but must usually hold down a job to pay the bills, one of the most challenging things for a single mom to find is a safe and affordable babysitting and daycare center. Single moms care deeply about their children’s well-being and want to know that they are in a safe environment where they can learn and interact with other children. It is important to know that they are being well-cared for and loved while you are unable to be with them. Unfortunately, many childcare centers have long waiting lists or are fairly expensive.

If you are lucky enough to have family members nearby, sometimes they will be able to help you out with some free babysitting. This is a great option if it works out for your family, but there are many single mothers who do not have family and friends who are available during the day to help out while you work. If you do have friends and family, you may have to juggle which children go to which friend or family member on which day. However, you need and want consistency for your children; you don’t want to have to cart them around to a different person every day.

How do you go about finding and affording a good babysitting and daycare center? You might not know that there is government assistance for daycare for single moms. The government actually offers grants to help companies provide their employees with at-work babysitting options. They even offer assistance for off-site child care options. It is very possible that your company already participates in some such program for single mothers. You should check with your employer, perhaps with the HR representative or you could begin with the employee handbook to see what options are available.

The Internet is another excellent way to find out about government assistance programs that help with babysitting and daycare services for single mothers. Researching on Federal, state, and local websites should help you find options for government assistance with child care. Your local social services office is another excellent place to find out about government assistance for babysitting and daycare centers. The social workers should have information on which programs are offered to single moms who need assistance with child care costs.

Churches can also qualify for government assistance in providing affordable daycare assistance to single mothers and others in need. As you can see, there are many options out there, so don’t feel like you have to do it all on your own. With government or other assistance, you will be able to afford a quality babysitting and daycare center for your children while you work.

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